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You are asking if we're what?

I always find it interesting that once you are married your personal/sex lives become very open to discussion by everyone, even at Church.

For example,"so when are you two going to have a baby" Answer: "well we're working on it" translation: we're doing it as much as we can and we'll see what happens

I think younger couples need to find away to end that awkward conversation with people and the pressure they put on them by answering in the most blunt way possible.

"oh are we having sex right now for the purpose of creating a life?" Is that what you're asking? how much sex are we having?"

And now you will be bothered no more by people about when you will have kids...You're welcome

Simple musings

Hanging out at Barnes and Noble is always interesting. Plenty of people "reading" or as I like to call it:people watching. Plenty of families coming in here and spending the day. Like whole families. Grandparents and everything...In fact, I just heard one family say, we spent the last half hour playing "find grandpa"...So sad. I'm pretty sure that book they gave him to read didn't make sense to him. I mean the name of the book was the "Virgin Widow". To be honest, I'm not sure it makes sense to me.


I heard today on the news that the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has a stalker...what is really odd is 250 of his friends liked this news


And finally, I am reminded of what a crazy person my father use to be everytime WVU plays Notre Dame in basketball. Apparently many years ago when dad was in college, he and his friends thought it funny to throw a dead fish onto the basketball court as Notre Dame was warming up. In that same vain I tried something similar, but apparently throwing old nuns on the court is not as funny.

that's all I got

Working outologue

It's been about six weeks now of working out and I use to think that just for the joke, Seinfeld was kidding when he said "you work out to be in shape for the next work." Man was he right. going to bed shouldn't hurt. Sleeping should be easier cuz I'm more tired. Getting up shouldn't require a handrail like I'm a hospital patient.


I love hearing "you're sore, so you know you're getting in shape", Ever see a chubby person, sure they may be embarrassed by their looks, but they are usually very happy and not sore. They may struggle to get up, but at least they get to eat what they want.


I figure I either need to keep working out or just let it all go and hope for a hot girl who is a chubby chaser. Take advantage of "in" thing. Live the life of only tv stars, like Kevin James' character on king of queens or that other show that was on cbs for like 3 minutes.

Stop the Crazy

It has been bothering me for some time now. Thought I would bring it up, if you think letting your kids believe in Santa is a wrong, then you are, you know, crazy.

Letting a kid's imagination grow and work is one of the great things a child develops.

Where is the comedy in this post, it's coming, and hopefuly right here:


If you say your child will be hurt cuz they will find out Santa isn't real or that you are lying to them, then your child can never play dress up, imagine being something or someone else, you have to stop that right now. If your daughter is playing princess, then you need to go up to her and go "I'm sorry, you're not a princess  you will never be a princess, I don't know you notice, but your dad is no king, I'm certainly no queen, and this house, well I don't think a trailor park is also code for a castle"


I think I make a good point, quit being a scrooge! Get overyourself

What's this a new Copen?

Well my brother and sister-in-law are at it again! In these economic down times, I am now expected to buy gifts for not only a niece, but a nephew?! That's right, I am an uncle again...of course I kid, I am very excited to be an uncle again and happy to announce that both the baby and the mother are doing well.


I have a theory, I can't really get anyone to rally around it, but when it comes to babies, I believe that babies that are born premature/early end up being the over achievers in life the ones that are very independent. The ones that are delivered past their due date, that have to be induced or c-section are the ones that will end up living with their parents when they are 35 or being evicted from their first college apartment.  Not saying it's science but I think we can all see some similarities.


There is 0 good tv on these days. That sounds like an awfuly big generalization I know, but ever since the tv class of Seinfeld, Frasier and Friends went off the air, I really haven't enjoyed too many sitcoms. Scrubs and 30 Rock come to mind, but that's about it. And because of that, I now seem to care what the Situation did when Snooki smacked him in the face, or if Kim Kardashian is dating another overrated NFL player. Or what the guy from the Food Network is eating now that I am 2000 miles away from. I am stuck in a town of pizza shops and they all taste the same.


That's all, pretty pathetic


My Friend is going through a Breakupologue

One of my good friends is going through a break-up and while I was sympathetic early on, at this point, I get why she broke up with him. You end up rooting for the ex. It's pretty sad really.


It him me that no matter what kind of relationship I was in, when it ended I lost weight. I'm desperate to lose a few pounds right now, so i'm looking for a girl to break my heart..or even break up with.  It's not you, it's the extra twenty pounds. Like you really feel like you reach a point where you need to get in shape or hope for hot girl who is a chubby chaser!


I will be headlinig WVU December 2nd. My alma mater downstairs in Mountainlair at 9pm. Hope you can make it out! Meanwhile, I will be heading back to Junior's in Erie, Dec 9-11. Hope to see you there!


I miss Myrtle Beach. Why would anyone leave the beach, especially Myrtle? It's ocean and golf. Heaven on earth.


How have you been? Long time no talk...anyway, after a nice little two week visit back home in WV, I'm hitting the road for 18 days starting this Friday the sixth. I'll be performing in Newport News Va, then the Outerbanks for a couple of weeks, followed by a couple of private shows in NC and Georgia. I will be coming home with an accent, sweet tea and hopefully some videos of the fun that will happen.

...other thoughts: Football season is almost here, my comedy buddies want to do a fantasy football league this year. at first I thought they wanted to do a draft of fellow comedians, that could get a little awkward when none of us get drafted, and how would we rate each other anyway? Audience members by applause breaks?! Seriously though, Fantasy football is somewhat boring after the draft is over anyway, when I get text messages from friends asking who they should start on their team on a Sunday morning at 8 am, it's time to get a life!


That's it today...pertty boring, now you see what the blog has gone from every day/week to like once a month. alright it's me, I have no motivation on vacation....sorry for the rhyming of that!

Hello it's been a long long timeologue

I just accidently IMed a friend to text me only I spelled text: texxxt. Let's hope he realizes it was a spelling error and not some invite to be kinky the next time he texts me. This could really hamper our friendship if he doesn't.


Looking forward to Lancaster this weekend and some shows, and hopefully we'll have some more video up soon. I can't wait to start shooting these webisodes. It's going to being to interesting and funny and may result in some homeless people beating up my friends, but that's just as fun.


And since we're coming up on Father's Day and I didn't mention anything during Mother's day, let me take a moment to say and be corny for a second: I have the best parents in the world and couldn't be more happy and proud of them. Hopefully they feel the same about me, or at the least pretend, and that's just as acceptable. After all, the older bro already gave them the grandchild, so I feel like I got some time till I fully dissapoint! Love em!

Another Old time classic clip

Classic and funny tv moment!



Blogologue for late May

Back in New York and not the easist trip back to the city. Got forced into an EZ Pass lane without an EZ Pass. From what I hear they take a picture of both your liscense plate as you go through and a picture of your face through the windshield...I'm sure picture will have a picture of the "OH CRAP" look on  my face, but if it's good enough, it will be my updated facebook picture.


Plus later that night, my side view mirror got ripped off. Cost me $135, plus whatever it cost to go through an EZ Pass without EZ Pass, this was  nice cheap trip back home!

Classic Videologue

One of the famous lines in tv history



Old Time Comedy Blogologue

I love old comedy and in many cases there's nothing better. Therefore, at least once a week, I will be supplying a link to old time tv show with a classic comedy moment. This one I had to start with. No other moment still makes me cry by laughing then this one! Basil Fawlty take it away!

Sorry it's been two weeks, but here is the latest Blogologue

Interesting story that President Obama's doctors say he needs to cut back the beer and smoking for his health, I assume this is extra important because he can't get health care passed.


I think it's funny people are still flipping out about Global Warming. Few people deny the earth warms up and gets cold, pretty much happened throughout its history. Why is this era any different? Fossil Fuels they say. At our current rate of fossil fuel admissions into the air, it would take about 10-15 thousand years to melt the polar ice caps. However, we only have 200 years at Fossil Fuels left. EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALM DOWN! Second of all if you really want to help the planet, go throw the Fossil Fuels as quickly as possible, quick everyone drive a Hummer then you have nothing to worry about. Fossil Fuels are gone as are vehicles that run on them. Problem solved!


Also, for those of you that might be interested, I am going to start filming some short "webisodes" about nothing, current events, and whatever I think is funny but can't figure out how to get it to stage. If you're interested let me know.

Finally, don't forget to sign into the guest book and leave your name and email so we can build up the email database to give you news as to where and when I'll be somewhere in your area, or if one day, I'm on tv....ha that's the funniest thing I have said all day!




Hello everyone! Welcome to my website. My first ever website! It's a constant work in progress, but hope you like it, at some point it should look like something.



WOW, what's it been like 6 months since I posted on here? Radio is keeping me busy, but I still doing the comedy thing. I promise to finally update the website this year, hopefully done by March or April. Also to add some new content(video, mobile version, new photos etc)

I am currently in Erie,PA performing at one of my favorite clubs: JRs Last Laugh. Debbie and Doug are great owners and allowing me to work with the awesome Tammy Pescatelli is pretty cool of them. As always listen to the radio show if you can weekdays from 6a-10a on And now that the show is doing well, I hope to hit the road more in 2012 and get back on stage


Sorry, I haven't hit you guys up with news lately, been extremely busy. I am still doing comedy, but I am also back on the radio now! Doing a morning show every day from 6-10 on the station is out of Fairmont,WV. The show gives me a chance to be creative every day, four hours at a time, not just 30 minutes to an hour 3 times a week.  I will still be doing as much stand up as my schedule will allow. I always love performing and I am constantly writing new material and will be bringing it to you soon





Hey folks, don't forget to follow me on twitter. my handle is @joshcopen Very exciting I know.


A redesign to the website will be coming soon. Even more exciting. Plus as always, check out the blog to the left and the schedule page to see when and where I will be performing in you area.


Hope everyone had a great Christmas(yes I said Christmas, holidays are for weeks off from work)! Had a blast, can't wait to hit the links to try out my new gift(s). I'm off to Orlando to watch the Mountaineers pound the Wolfpack in the Champs Sports Bowl. Then I'll be performing in Columbus, Roanoke, Franklin, Pittsburgh,Louisville, NYC, Philly and many other cities in the next few months. Schedule to updated and finalized soon on my schedule page.




Don't forget to sign the guest book at the bottom of the page and PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL so I can it add it to my soon to be emailing list of updated info...woo woo!